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Four monthly on-line journal, i-lex aims to match together the Humanistic Tradition, mainly European, and the setting up of new scientific juridical studies led by Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy of Mind and Theory of Evolution, that abroad, mainly in the United States, are widely adopted, also with important connections to Law.
The language of the journal is Italian but, in order to improve the relationships between the Italian research and the European and Extra-European one, some Italian articles will be translated in English. Other articles will be also published in the native language (English, French, German or Spanish) and translated in Italian.
At the end of each year, the journal will be printed in a paper format including all the issues that refer to that year and it will be sent to whoever will apply for it. Nevertheless, all articles will be free available on-line.

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ISSN: 1825-1927
Imprint: Rome, Italy
Publication started on: September 2004


Jurists, Social and Cognitive Scientists, Biologists, Philosophers, Economists.

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Autorizzazione del Tribunale di Roma n° 319/2004 del 23/07/04
Direttore responsabile: Prof. Francesco Romeo
ISSN 1825-1927
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